Country Americana

Singer-Songwriter Tim Ponzek easily blends Contemporary Americana, Classic Country, and Roots Rock to create his vast anthology of original songs

Singer-Songwriter Singles

Because I Do

Mid-tempo contemporary Americana Country love song.

Because I Do (Coffee House Mix)

A "Coffee House" mix of Tim's single Because I Do – a mid-tempo contemporary Americana Country love song - with vocal, guitar and percussion.

I Never Knew I Never Knew

Fun up-tempo contemporary Americana Country love song - perfect for summertime love!

One Dream At A Time

Up-tempo contemporary Americana Country love song infused with the banjo and fiddle of Zen Crook.

We Talked

Contemporary Americana Country ballad that tells the story of two former lovers meeting to reminisce and still feeling the old spark.

Collecting Broken Things

Love and loss pour down through Tim's finely tuned songwriting and intricate arrangements

I Wish I Had A Blue Guitar

Piano and drums set the groove for this mid-tempo Americana song with electric guitars and female vocalese.

Collecting Broken Things

Sparse textures of piano, fretless bass, and electric guitar highlight this poignant ballad.

Poor Old Doubting Thomas

Mike Breen's mandolin shines above the classical guitar, female vocalese, bass and brush-drum groove giving this story a homespun feel. Be sure to listen for the surprise ending!

That's What Mosquitoes Do

Layers of guitars and piano are featured in this quirky mid-tempo song comparing hit-and-run lovers to mosquitoes.

Black Velvet Clowns

This ballad is a sad and soulful story of love and loss, orchestrated with piano, baritone and vibrato guitars.

Hillbilly Zen

A home-brewed fusion of eclectic Americana styles that portray the depths of the human experience.

All The Way To You

Acoustic guitars & percussion set the groove for this mid-tempo contemporary Americana love song featuring Lisa's vocalese and Tim's electric guitars

One Inch = A Thousand Miles

Sparse textures highlight this poignant ballad about two people sharing loneliness. Classical guitar arpeggios (Tim) and drum brush work encompasses the creative interplay between the piano (Lisa) and fretless bass.

Hillbilly Zen

Peace and calm in the Zen of being a hillbilly featuring a homespun arrangement built around acoustic guitars and percussion.

Up To Now

Rhythmic acoustic finger-style guitar and piano accompaniment are featured in this plea to continue love and erase any doubts.

Painting Water

A unique perspective on life, love and the art of painting orchestrated with Tim's vibey guitars, Lisa's piano and vocal echoes, and percussion.

Country Americana Singles

But Wait, There's More

Fun and funny up-tempo tune about a marriage proposal offered as a TV infomercial.

In The Rear View Mirror

Reflecting on life and the choices we’ve made

Maritally Challenged

Light-hearted musings about a couple's visit to a marriage counselor

Any Road In America

Celebrating the American Spirit

All The Prayers

An emotional ballad about a family's need for prayers.

Beautiful Rain

Love and loss pour down through Tim’s poetic lyrics

A Simple Goodbye Will Do

Bruce Hornsby styled Americana piano-driven, mandolin-infused song about moving on at the end of an affair.

I'm Taking The Cure

In the tradition of Buck Owens, this country waltz becomes an uplifting and rousing country two beat.

Beautiful Rain

Inspired by classic Roy Orbison, this elaborately arranged tale of love lost is orchestrated by the changes in the weather.

I Know Lonely

Starkly produced ballad featuring string quartet and classical guitar

Baby At The Wedding

A catchy guitar riff drives this up-tempo country rocker about passionate love and its consequences.

My Mother's Quilt

Stories of life's passages, heart-break, and love

The Shape Of A Valentine

A romantic rockin’ country ode to a special Valentine

The First Heartbreak Of Spring

A violin trio sets the mood for this brooding ballad

My Mother's Quilt

Tim’s poetic tribute to his Mom and her quilting artistry

Haunted Ghost

Retro-style electric guitars create a haunting mood with Lisa Pressman's ghost vocalise

The Best Things In My Life

Emotional Country ballad about what is truly important in life

Every Room An Ocean View

Fun jukebox-style collection of Retro Hi-Fi, Roots and Traditional Country

Every Room An Ocean View

Traditional country piano blends with accordion, Spanish guitar and female vocals

Our Big House In Case Grande

An upbeat country swing featuring a fiddle trio that would make the ghost of Bob Wills smile

Blue Clouds In A Gray Gray Sky

Slow Country shuffle with tremolo guitar and lush female vocal chorus creates a Retro jazzy country vibe

She's Everybody's Type

Rockin’ country tune with 45 witty poetic visions of the universal woman

Now You See

Americana ballad with a truly unique and poetic perspective on love

If Wishes Were Horses

Haunting Americana song about remorse

To Be Or Not To Be A Fool

Amusing honky-tonk take on Shakespeare with a fiddle trio and piano feature in this country shuffle

I Love Everything But You

Tim Ponzek nods to Johnny Cash in this upside-down love song

I'm Gonna Cry Now

Stark piano and violin trio portray a deep sadness in this poignant ballad

Lovingly Longingly Too

Retro style lush female chorus, accordion and piano accompany Tim in a waltz about unexpected love

My Darling Nightmare

Love song to a nightmare with a nod to 70’s Elvis country-pop orchestration

Stripped Gears And A Broken Heart

Up-tempo rockin’ portrait of the end of love on the road

Me Loving You

Americana love ballad featuring Tim on piano

What Song Would Elvis Sing?

Fun 60’s inspired country-rock song expressing a desire for Elvis to rescue a love scene

Faded Blue Dreams

Inspired by a time when Cadillacs had fins and music came on vinyl

Dam The Water

Old-fashioned country two-beat with a 60's style female chorus by Lisa Pressman

The Whole Enchilada

Humorous country swing about the woman who wants it all

Half A Mind

Tim’s plaintive baritone guitar adorns the Roy Orbison-like ballad of a broken heart

If The Shoe Fits

Country rocker with layers of guitars about shoes, boots and life

One Tear Down (A Million To Go)

Haunting Willie Nelson-styled ballad with weepy guitars, mandolin, violin and female voices

Out Of The Frying Pan (Into The Fire)

Americana Roots rocker

Faded Blue Dreams

Touching ballad features voice, piano & weepy guitars

(There's) Enough To Go Around

A 50's country shuffle featuring a Jordanaires-style vocal arrangement

I Can't Do What She Does

Tim features his classical guitar together with Lisa Pressman on piano for another Willie Nelson inspired ballad

Each And Every Time

An easy country shuffle in the classic style of Ray Price

Who Would've Thought

A traditional country waltz about how love grows and matures through the years

Daddy's Dream

Written for Tim's Dad, an old-fashioned country song portraying the love of music being passed from father to son

A Friend Of A Friend

Everyone has had someone in their past they would have liked to have known better

I Woke Up

A roadhouse shuffle that takes you on a peculiar tour of Dreamland

No Message In The Bottle

A poignant ballad about searching for answers in times of loneliness and despair

Right To The Edge

Blurring the line between country and rock

The Same Way You Came In

A melodic guitar riff drives this Americana song about a relationship on the verge of being over

Least Expected

Shows that the heart has a mind of its own

Right To The Edge

Layers of guitar shape these witty and poetic lyrics

She Won't Go Away

Up-tempo rocker with a tongue-in-cheek lyric about love

Tell Me Again About The Good Life

A touching ballad about a good relationship in bad times

Waiting For Mary

Tells of the women who have had visions of Mary

Eternal Flame

An impending true love is the subject of this country-rocker

What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You)

Acoustic slide guitar with an infectious groove underscores the unknown side of love

Shadow And Light

Lisa Pressman plays piano to create the brooding quality that underlines this introspective lyric

Blue Is The Color Of Goodbye

12/8 bluesy ballad that explores the darker side of an ended love affair

Burning A Short Fuse

Up-tempo country-rocker about a man at the end of his rope

An Old Man Of Steel

A man faces the truth about himself

Don't Leave Without Telling Me Goodbye

Organ and acoustic guitars create the mood for this heartfelt plea

A Fragile Ego And A Cat

Quirky lyric matches Tim's quirky electric piano part